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At last! My New Home Is Waiting!

What you see here is a fairy cottage, not really my new home. But I feel like a fairy who will soon be flying from her old den to the new one!

Again: not really flying, because some work has to be done before my future residence in Galway City will be ready. Painting. Cleaning. Moving my belongings from Lower Salthill to Shantalla. To sort and shelve every item where it belongs and serves its purpose.

Property deals are a bit complicated in Ireland, to say the least, and usually take time. In this case more than intially expected, about seven months before the deal could finally be closed. But now it has happened, and so I'll be rushing to Galway next week to get things done. Looking forward to lighting the fireplace in my living room for the first time, snuggling up on the sofa with a glass of bubbly. Sláinte!

Next time, when I will have taken possession of my new home and everything inside and outside is sorted, you might get a photo of the real thing. Promise!

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