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Requiem for Torsten


Und dies Herz, eh’ es zusammenbricht, trinkt noch Glut und schlürft noch Licht.

And this heart, before it breaks, feeds on embers and drinks light.

Aus: “Im Abendrot” von Karl Gottfried Lappe, 1773-1843, vertont von Franz Schubert, 1797-1828

We did not share a family tree but the same DNA in perception

We did share one blood type of feeling perfusing two hearts pumping in sync as cosmic twins

We also shared heavenly music in major and minor and no key at all when visceral bliss lay in the sound of appreciation

Alas we shared hate at times when knives of distrust and disenchantment tore up old scars still tender to touch

But I was spared the deep desperation which gripped you at times shutting out your belief in what life had to offer

How often you slid into the pit scrambling up again I cannot count only Sysiphos knows

Your incredible gifts provided no help nor did proffered hands when one summer day exhaustion ruled you to turn off the sun

All we share now is memories your deliverance being my grief

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